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 AIRPORT transfers to Hotel: P Person in US $: Bentota 25. Hikkaduwa 45. Galle 50. Kandy 60. Habarana 75. Ella 80. Arugam Bay 100.  ( min 2 pax. ) *
 COLOMBO CITY TOUR including driver & Private Guide: English or German 6 Hrs duration. Airconditioned Car / Coach: 30 pp (min 2 pax.) 
 1 day Return Tours: Colombo / Mt. Lavinia to Galle 75 pp.  Colombo / Hikkaduwa to kandy: 75 pp. Colombo / Hikkaduwa to Sigiriya 90 pp 
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Elion Gunawardena

National Tourist Guide Lecturer

NTGL 1022

Director, Sea Lion Tours Srilanka

About Elion* Team Leader, Sea Lion Tours Srilanka:

Srilankan Goverment approved awarded National Tourist Guide Lecturer since 2004 / 2005 

Language Fluency: Spoken / Written German & English

Elion*s Special Interest Tour; recomended for Media Personell, Documentation film Producers and Toursts:

NTGL, Elion* is amongst the very best address in Srilanka from all Srilanka Tourist Board qualified Lecturers, Archeologists &  Professionals who knows the inside outs and the true History &  function of  "The Galle Fortress", The living Fortress City in the South of Srilanka, built by the Dutch Colony in Ceylon between 1642 & 1669 

As to now, Elion* has done extensive research during the past 20 years within this fortress, first as a hobby & local guide, then as a passion. Since becoming a NTGL, Elion shares his research with the World, exclusively on his Guided tours of

"The Galle Fortress", which Fortress since the end of the civil war in Srilanka in 2009 has gained considerable economic change and is amongst the Hot Commercial Properties for Tourism in Srilanka

Elion* is in the capacity of Publishing his book "The Galle Fortress, by Elion* ", which will exceed expectations & know how to get around the Fort with knowledge about the "Galle Fortress", never published before. It is readily available in both English & German languages, he holds onto it, as our priority is to promote Srilankan inbound Tourism & the exclusive homegrown Travel / Leisure address "Sea Lion Tours" on Elion*s Guided tours of  "The Galle Fortress"

"The Galle Fortress, by Elion* ", will nevertheless be published in due time, If you are a well positioned Publisher, please feel free to contact Elion* in this regard, he might consider you're offer, specially if it would be helpful to our Social Awareness Programmes. 

Elion* is also actively involved in carrying out Group Tours to Sites of the Cultural Triangle. These below mentioned Sites in perticular, their History & functions are of personal passion & interest to Elion* The Experience a Visitor would have at these Sites on a guided tour with Elion* could hence be described as unpararelled & revolutionary in many ways

These sites include; Kandy, Sigiriya, Dambulla, Polonnaruwa, Anuradhapura, Mihintale which are the highlights in Srilankas Cultural Triangle amongst many more sites scattered around the Island

Yes, Elion* is a Passionate Srilankan who hails from a semi Sinhalese & Dutch Burgher ( descedents of Dutch Colony ) family, from South Colombo, Srilanka

He is a "Peterite", which term may not be unfamiliar if you worked or lived in Colombo

Elion* has been actively involved in carrying out All Island Roundtours & Excursions for VIP's, Corporate, GIT & Individual FIT Tourists, specially from Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Canada & other countries where the clientele is English or German speaking

Who or what is the term: Srilankan National Tourist Guide Lecturer ?

Srilankan National Tourist Guide Lecturers (NTGL's) are a carefully slected few from amongst thousands of applicants who apply once every couple of years whenever this diploma is on offer by the Srilanka Tourist Board Colombo.

After enrollment, the applicants are further trained to meet the job expectations, Educated & undergo strict and comprehensive Tourist Guide Lecturer training with regard to the wider subject "Srilanka", conducted exclusively by the Srilanka Tourist Board, Tourism Training Centre of Srilanka, under the guidence of the Ministry of Tourism in Srilanka

The expectation of the country thereby is to have perfectly trained Youth, who would be well prepared to amplify "Srilanka" to the Visitor if not on the World stage 

National Tourist Guide Lecturers, Chaufeuer Tourist Guides & Beach Facilitators in Srilanka:

National Tourist Guide Lecturers, come under the guidence of the Ministry of Tourism of the Government of Srilanka which graduation training is carried out by university Professors, Archoeologists, Naturalists & Academics of many subjects and subject based Top ranked experts, covering all aspects and subjects regarding the wider topic "Srilanka".

Srilankan NTGL's are the sought after Tour Guides and are on priority list of any VIP Travel Agents agenda, due to their preparation to show off Srilanka & their Tour Guiding skills 

It is true to say that; NTGL's are the only breed of Srilankan Tour Guides Licenced by the Government of Srilanka to handle larger groups not regarding the numbers of Tourists in a Group.

NTGL'S have nevertheless become a scarce commodity, either as some may not live upto the expectations after qualifying their Graduation & some of them who do, may very often use it in order to have a well positioned seated job in the Tourism Industry. 

In Srilanka Tourism today, we quite often see experienced individuals or drivers having done tour guiding without a NTGL Licence, being employed by many Travel Agents as Tour Guides, in order to make their Tour Packages financially attractive and competitive. They may hence carry a classified Tour Company Identity, but not carry a NTGL Tour Guide Licence of the Srilanka Tourst Board

This has become acceptable practice within the industry. Some such Tour Guides may in fact have a fair Know how through experience 

The next option for Srilanka Tourist Board qualified Tour Guides in Srilanka are Chaufeuer Guides. Chaufeuer Guides are 

therefore drivers with a Guide Licence, Licenced to accompany a tour party of upto 6 Tourists 

Area Guides: Tourist Board trained Tour Guides, who are trained regarding the places of Interest of a certain Village

Srilanka Tourist Baord also issue Licences upon training to Site Guides for a perticular Site or Tourist attraction

Provincial Council Drivers are: Provincial Council authorised Tourist drivers who Know the Route to drive

a Tourist to a places of interest within a certain province


Beach Facilitators: Villagers/Traders who are permitted to offer their products or Water sport service

facilitation opposite a certain beach Hotel

NTGL's carry Government Licences with a distinguished name & number Ex. ( elion* 1022 ) which are revieved

and approved annually by the Srilanka Police Department for character, Medical examinations by government

approved Medical officers of health; for contactable disease, Physical and Psychological health & ability to carry out the services as a NTGL in the upcoming calendar year

It is therefore advantageous for a Visitor to have a NTGL as their Tour Guide, if that Visitor is really inquisitive to know the Truth about the wider topic "Srilanka", and specially helpful during Visits to places such as in the Cultural Triangle. The NTGL's Identity is given priority of entrance with a group of Tourists at certain Sites & even at otherwise restricted and High Security zones & areas.

NTGL's are expected maintain a very High standard of knowledge regarding Srilanka, Know how and update themselves 

regarding all Srilankan topics, Ex. History, Culture & Tradition, Cultural Triangle & other important Sites in Srilanka,

Flora Fauna & Eco tourism in the country, National Parks, Geographical & Ethnic Evolution, Past to Present

Political developments in the country, statistical data relating to Population & Economy, Religions & Ethnic 

Nationalities in the country & their way of life and very much more 

In fact, a NTGL should have a fair, true and spontaneous answer relating to any question, subject, matter or problem that a Visitor to the country may have. He/she should have expert knowledge regarding "What to do", specially in an emergency, how to handle

the situation without any doubt

Further information relating to Srilankan NTGL's is found on "Sea Lion Tours Srilanka" Corporate Facebook site

post of 18th Oct. 2014. 

Sea Lion Tours Srilanka's group Tours of 4 persons for 5 days and above,for German & English speaking clientele,is carried out by Elion* himself, which meets his relentless Passion for presenting Srilanka to the World

Our smaller groups are guided by Experienced Guides who have over time also specialized in speaking

foreign languages in connection with thier tour guiding, they are further trained, and guided by Elion*

During a Roundtour if needed,when visiting Cultural Triangle sites with our experienced guides,they will  organise 

for you as needed, a Srilanka Toursit Board Licenced site Guide who will give you expert commentiries on that perticular site at no extra cost on you're side.

Our experienced guides, are selected on merit of experience and Character by Team leader Elion*. They are trained personally by Elion* to meet the expectations of the Visitor, they are all very interesting individuals, who with time have come to know the insider tips and matters that matter most and is very impotant when Touring in a country like Srilanka 

Other Services of, Sea Lion Tours Srilanka:

Luxury Transport:

Fleet of Vehicles:

At "Sea Lion Tours Srilanka", we offer you comfort with class

We believe that no ordinary means of transport is good enough for our discerning clientele, be it budget, standard, premium or exclusive tour package that you are making a Srilankan Rountour  with "Sea Lion Tours Srilanka", we offer you a Luxury category Car, coach or bus with unpararelelled luxury that will exceed your expectations, we do this to assure you that you're Holiday experience will be pampered ​with luxury and keep you're fond memories of Srilanka stay alive in the years to come. 

Our strctly Japanese high end Luxury vehicles we offer you as transport for Roundtours and excursions, are all latest models, and are equiped with Nano Airconditioning & energy saving features & many new environmental friendly features.


They our owned and maintained by us regularly, before the start of each Roundtour they undergo a

thorough inspection and are technically serviced every 5000 Km's. Even though it is still not compulsory

in Srilanka, all our vehicles use smoke filters & have Safety Airbags added to Seat belts for all passengers.

Yes, we work hard and invest more to ensure that you and the environment is protected during you're Roundtour with us, so you'll have peace of mind knowing that our company " Sea Lion Tours Srilanka" contributes towards the sustainability of our environment during you're Roundtour

Our Drivers:

Our drivers are all very well experienced in the field and are on average 40 yrs. of age, they are holders of

heavy duty driving licences, even though also this is not compulsory in Srilanka, specially,  given our modern easy to drive Fleet.

Hotels and Guest Houses:

Even though the standard evaluation of a Hotel or Guest House is evaluating it with stars, as experienced fieldsmen we know that

even the best star class Hotel, can have neglected rooms that look tired with time,though they may look pretty in 

brochures and prospects. That is why you need someone like us instead of a multinational company who will sell you a

package with pretty pictures, stars and so on. As we are homegrown, we have the time to step in more often to record change

Being home grown and having 20 years experience at home, we know that it doesnt work otherwise in Srilanka, so lets use the stars and pics, but be rest assured that, Elion* has inspected every room our guests will be having by its number before you step in to enjoy you're holiday.


Social awareness and contribution:


We at "Sea Lion Tours Srilanka", try all we can do to help the beggars on the street, specially during our Roundtours, we will not let you feel harassed by the poverty that you may sometimes encounter. Even though Srilanka still belongs to under developed countries, the actual situation is very much better than for 10 years ago, but still, if you do encounter a beggar, our Drivers or guides will look after them by providing each of them with a meal or equivalent, you will not be left to feel harassed, instead friendly smiles and be rest assured it was because of you're visit with "Sea Lion Tours Srilanka", that made that beggars day

Street Stray Dogs:

Elion* has a special bond with street dogs too, we understand that they did not wish or chose to be there, so if we see one, our drivers and guides will do all they can to look after them by offering them something that will make a wag tail to you. We believe that we cannot change the World overnight, but that we can do something to change the system and attitude of others, by setting examples

By the way, please excuse me for offering you Luxury of service & quality, which by all means you should be having.

For me personally and my humble staff that I have picked on merit of experience or poverty, it could have been the other way around, we just chose to be different, time and sympathy to the World and help from our customers from yesterday, just made us what we are. Better

As we  look into the future of a hopefully prosperous Srilanka & try to bring the Foreign currency you pay straight into our country, We look ahead into the future of our Travel / Leisure company amidst stiff opposition by though thankfully not all but some multinational companies

We may at times not be able to offer you a certain Hotel during our Roundtours for the same price as they can, this is because we do not buy / rent 100's of Rooms of that certain Hotel in advance, but we will still do all that we can to get you that room within our Roundtour package that we may at times tailor make for you, even if it means a loss in profit, we believe that we may in the future be on a better platform to negotiate on our terms with that Hotel to avail ourselves that Room on the same rate that multinationals do, knowing that when we do, we will revolutionize the srilankan  Travel / Leisure industry for an even nicer and pleasent experience for your sons and daughters who may come after you

We thank you for the time taken to read and understand who we are and what we do

This is who we are, what we do & try to do

If you think you should at least get in touch with us, please do

​We will do all  that we can to start making you feel comfortable with us with our first Email reply to you

We Look forward to meet & greet you soon on the Soils of our Motherland which is a New Srilanka,

reaching out for a better tomorrow 

So Please do Visit Srilanka, even if it may not be with us, please do come

We wish you a less stressed day of work tomorrow, and look forward to pamper you thereafter

Best Regards

​Elion* & Team

Sea Lion Tours Srilanka

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